Support and Training

KC Consulting Group Inc. provides support and training.
With our government's EHR incentive programs gaining momentum, it is more important than ever to have an IT support help you with installation, migration, and implementation of EHR program. Our consultants have experiences in supporting products such as eClinicalWorks and SOAPWare for small to medium clinics. We can help you navigate the Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) and Healthcare Information Management (HIM) waters, littered with traps such as HIPAA and other compliance issues. We can support you from the beginning to the end.

When we say beginning, we do mean the very beginning, even from a medical office without a single network outlet in the wall. From that, we will help till your clinic is running successfully with the EHR software and the full potential of the EHR is realized. We don't stop there either. We stick around and will help you with long term maintenance and improvement.

Training and continued education

Unlike most consulting firm, we will not hang you out to dry as soon as your project is concluded, even if it means having to share our own time. We will do a successful knowledge transfer so that your employees can fish for themselves rather than us fishing for them. We would like our client relationship to last. So, grab, run, disappear, never heard from isn't our style. Our oldest client have been with us since our firm's beginning in 2001. We settle for nothing but solid client relationships.